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Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies


The Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies department in Inveralmond is staffed by two specialist teachers covering all areas of the curriculum.

  • Mrs T. Drummond
  • Mrs J. Dunlop

Teamwork, through sharing expertise, ideas and developing strategies for teaching and learning excellence is a major feature within the department and also the wider Social Subjects faculty of Modern Studies, History and Geography.

National 5 and Higher

RMPS looks at many interesting and topical issues and allows learners to see them from different perspectives, challenging their questioning and critical thinking skills and encouraging them to consider evidence and use it to develop their own opinions.

RMPS is a subject based largely on debate and as such there is always plenty of discussion within the department but it is also very much an essay based subject at Higher level. Learners are enabled to investigate, critically analyse and evaluate religious, moral and philosophical questions and responses, and develop the ability to express detailed, reasoned and well-structured views.

This is therefore a useful course for any student, as well as those interested in careers where working with people such as primary teaching or the police force.

Course Outline

There are 4 units which are:

  • World Religions - for which we will study Buddhism.
  • Morality and Belief - for which we will study Morality and Justice.
  • Religious and Philosophical Questions - for which we will study the existence of God.
  • Course Assessment - for which learners will decide their own topic of study.


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